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‘Technology will define the future of Bangladeshi apparel’

  • Published at 12:11 am February 12th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:37 pm February 12th, 2018
‘Technology will define the future of Bangladeshi apparel’
Technology will define the future of Bangladesh apparel industry as the global buyers are moving towards the smart-wear and tech driven products, says a manufacturer. Talking to the Dhaka Tribune, Mostafiz Uddin, the managing director of Denim Expert Limited said: “The fashion industry is witnessing the advent of exciting new technology, which will change the future of the business. As an apparel maker, Bangladesh has to exploit these opportunities.” Bangladesh Apparel Exchange, of which he is the founder, is organizing the first ever Bangladesh Fashionology Summit in the capital today. “To get higher value products, we have to concentrate on tech-driven manufacturing. Global buyers do not want to teach Bangladesh to go into tech-driven manufacturing as they want to source basic and cheap products from here,” said Mostafiz. “My vision is to inform the Bangladeshi manufacturers about the latest technology to encourage to go investment. It will help us enter a new era of tech-driven manufacturing, ultimately taking Bangladesh to value added products,” he said. In sports wear, the manufacturer has introduced technology, which absorbs sweat and gives comfort. The global market of technology driven clothing is about 150 million, where Bangladesh stake is about zero, he added. “As a result, we have to investment in such a factory which is not current and can manufacture higher-end products such as smart wear products. This will also increase the sector’s efficiency,” he added. In the summit, the organiser will display tech-driven garments brought from different countries including Germany, France, Netherlands and the United kingdom to make manufacturers familiar with the technology. “Price is a challenge for Bangladesh and introducing technology like robots can reduce products cost and make exporters price competitive in the global market,” Mostafiz said. “In today’s tech-based industry, no one can deny the necessity of technology in the clothing industry as e-commerce and online sales are increasing every day, while technology is changing fashion trends.” Customers and fashion brands can be benefited by innovation of fashion technology as it helps get the update of the latest fashion trend as well as brands can reach their targeted clients. Relationship between technology and fashion industry will continue to grow and the manufacturers will have to adapt to satisfy brands and buyers, he added. Bangladesh Apparel Exchange, an initiative to promote the country’s ready-made garment sector, is going to organize the day-long international summit with the aim to attract a wide spectrum of fashion, technology and innovation stakeholders across the entire sector. Apparel stakeholders including brands, RMG manufacturers, fabrics producers and software service providers from around the world will participate in the summit to discuss the latest products, technologies and innovations that will shape the future and dominate the fashion industry, said Mostafiz. “We want to bring the most inspiring and innovative thinkers and companies from around the globe together under one roof to initiate the much-needed conversations around technology, digitalization and innovation in the apparel and fashion industry. This will help to guide our nation and transform it into the next-generation apparel manufacturing and marketing hub using latest digital technology and advancements.”