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Bproperty: Dream homes through digital innovation

  • Published at 12:49 pm August 20th, 2018

The real estate site provides a streamlined process to ensure legal and financial matters are in order

Bproperty.com is Bangladesh’s first digital real estate marketplace; the site centralizes procedures related to buying and selling property.   

It handles everything from the legal issues and procedures related to a seller’s ownership papers, to considering a buyer’s budget when suggesting potential properties.

It provides a streamlined process to ensure legal and financial matters are in order, so neither the seller nor buyer has to.

Bproperty displays its available properties via online galleries and one can bid on properties online. . They make sure stakeholders are informed about all processes relating to trading property.

The dedicated website comprises thousands of listings and uses integrated technology services—which entirely changes the way of buying and selling property in Bangladesh.

With sponsored advertising now more accessible, real estate companies can match properties with buyers—along patterns determined by analytics.

Nafiz Shahnewaz, area head of Bproperty said, “Most sellers and buyers turn to real estate websites to find good properties—Bproperty is distinguishing its operations by using an upgraded digital method. Our website is key to  searching for the best location a buyer and seller desire. 

"Delivering quality content to our customers is our prime goal—and the digitalization process provides an array of tools for us, making it easier than ever to reach our customers”.