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Young hacker publishes his knowledge

  • Published at 05:44 pm August 6th, 2016
Young hacker publishes his knowledge

His publication on ethical hacking and anti-hacking made him the second youngest author on subject to be published by Ankur Prakashani, Bangladesh. The book received and overwhelmingly positive response in the country.

Zubair is studying at intermediate student at Rajuk Uttara Model College. Born in Khulna, he began his education at South Herald English Medium School in Khulna.

Ankit Faida is the youngest author to write a book on hacking. He published his first book on hacking at the age of 15, by Macmillan India.

The book covers several chapters combined with practical knowledge. Chapters include an introduction into hacking types, keystroke logging, phishing, session hijacking, cookie sniffing, WiFi hacking, ARP poisoning, cryptography, collissions, salting, strengthening and memorising passwords etc.

It also elaborates on how people may protect themselves from the aforementioned threats. This book was formed to raise awareness of cyber threats and help people surf on the Internet safely.

Hacking!! can be ordered online from www.rokomari.com