• Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019
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BTRC: Minimum 3 days for any mobile package

  • Published at 07:46 pm January 27th, 2019

Users cannot get pay-per-use internet over Tk5, the regulator says

The telecom regulator has told mobile network operators that all their packages, bundles and offers have to have an minimum lifetime of three days.

A directive issued by the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission said any internet, voice or other package or bundle must not expire before three days, effective from February 1.

The instruction would be revised after 30 days, the directive said.

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It also said consumers would be allowed to spend up to Tk5 in pay-per-use internet. Beyond that they will have to subscribe to an internet package.

BTRC also instructed that internet packages should auto renew immediately after they run out, if the user opts for the auto renew feature. If not, the user will get pay-per-use internet for upto Tk5.

The regulator said it would soon issue an instruction on how many packages, bundles and offers an operator can have.