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Fakhrul: Govt out to eliminate voice of dissent

  • Published at 08:20 pm January 18th, 2020
File photo of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir

He states that people of Bangladesh now have no freedom of expression

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that the current government is working either to eliminate or silence those who express dissenting views.

On Saturday, the BNP leader made the remarks while speaking at a discussion, held at the Jatiya Press Club commemorating noted political scientist and national professor Talukder Maniruzzaman.

He stated that people of Bangladesh now have no freedom of expression, reports UNB.

“We feel sad when we see our virtuous people being sent to jail only for raising voice, even though their no direct involvement with politics. 

Those who think good and try to bring the truth to the spotlight through their write-ups are also being harassed, and repressed in the same manner,” Fakhrul claimed.

Citing an example of efforts to silence the dissents, he mentioned the warrant issued to arrest the Daily Prothom Alo Editor Matiur Rahman, and nine others in a case filed over the death of Naimul Abrar Rahat, a student of Dhaka Residential Model College.

Fakhrul demanded an answer as to why a warrant was issued against Matiur Rahman. "He used to write occasionally, his newspaper published facts, and only for this Matiur has been implicated in a case filed in connection with the death (of a student) due to negligence."

He further talked about the Acting Editor of Daily Amar Desh Mahmudur Rahman's imprisonment for a long time and how the newspaper was shut down. 

“These are efforts of silencing or eliminating the voices of dissents,” Fakhrul continued.

The BNP leader said this country was established by freedom fighters who now have no rights, while the common people have totally become helpless.

He said the spirit of the Liberation War have been destroyed as the ruling party is consciously turning the country into a failed state.  

Amid such situations, Fakhrul said people must raise their voice and put up a resistance against this ‘misrule.’   

“We will surely turn victorious through struggles just like we achieved victory in the past.” 

Speaking at the program, former caretaker government adviser Akbar Ali Khan said: "Talukder Moniruzzaman was a perfect ideal teacher for this country. 

“Instead of running for becoming a Vice-Chancellor and proctor of the University, he was always involved in research work.”

Akbar Ali concluded that the education system in the country will develop and be enriched if current teachers follow the ideals of the national professor, who died on December 29, 2019.