• Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019
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Moudud: Khaleda not to compromise with govt for her release

  • Published at 06:18 pm October 4th, 2019
BNP Standing Committee member Moudud Ahmed UNB

She will be released either through legal process or a street movement, but not in any other way, Moudud claimed

Senior BNP leader Moudud Ahmed has said their party Chairperson Khaleda Zia will not compromise with the government over her release from jail.

“Khaleda Zia will not bow down to anybody as she is the leader of over 160 million people of Bangladesh. She will be released either through legal process or a street movement, but not in other way,” he claimed.

The BNP leader was speaking at a program arranged by Jatiyatabadi Muktijoddha Dal demanding Khaleda Zia’s release at the National Press Club in Dhaka on Friday.

“It is not possible to free Khaleda Zia without a spontaneous mass upsurge of people as she will not reach any understanding with anybody. If necessary, she will endure more sufferings in jail, but she will not make any compromises with the current regime,” Moudud said.

Moudud, a BNP Standing Committee member, said Khaleda was convicted in the cases that were not filed "lawfully." “The cases were filed as per the political will of the government for political vengeance.”

As per the Code of Criminal Procedure, he said, the High Court can grant bail to a sick, female and elderly convicted person under any stage of the case proceedings, but being 74 years old, and sick, Khaleda Zia has not been granted bail. “Condemned convicts and those undergoing life-term imprisonments are being granted bail, but, Khaleda Zia is not.”

The BNP leader claimed their chairperson is not getting bail as the government does not want it. “Courts are now regulated by political influence.”

About the current anti-graft drive, he said it has exposed that the government is bogged down in corruption. “Those arrested in the last two weeks belong to the ruling party.”

“But such a drive after 10 years is nothing but eyewash. I don’t find any significance of it. Evan after that, I welcome it. I urge you [prime minister] to make public the wealth statements of your current and former ministers and MPs. If you do that, we will understand that you are serious about the drive,” Moudud said.

He also said the current drive will be successful if those who abetted people like Juba League leaders Shamim, Khaled and Samrat in corruption from behind the scenes can be arrested. “We know you will not do it, and the issue will be hushed up within a short time, and then newspapers will focus on other issues.”