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BNP: Govt has lost control of AL leaders, activists

  • Published at 09:38 pm September 27th, 2019
moudud ahmed
File photo of BNP Standing Committee member Moudud Ahmed Syed Zakir Hossain/Dhaka Tribune

Corruption has spread through every sector, says BNP  

The government has lost control of their ruling party leaders and activists, said BNP senior leader Moudud Ahmed.

He said influential Awami League leaders and ministers are helping the corrupt from behind the scenes.

"Now, every sector has collapsed and there is no representative government in the country. The government cannot control its own people who are indulging in widespread corruption," he said, addressing a human-chain program. 

The BNP leader added: "What has happened over the last two weeks has exposed that the government has no more control over its party leaders and activists. 

"Apart from Shamim, Khaled, and Samrat, there are hundreds of ruling party leaders who are involved in extortion, operating casinos, and gambling," he said. "Nothing will happen to them due to the influence of the MPs and ministers as they are also involved with them from behind the scenes." 

Agriculturist Association of Bangladesh arranged the program in front of the National Press Club demanding the release of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia from jail. 

Moudud, a BNP standing committee member, said newspapers are now publishing just and appropriate stories of corruption among the ruling party’s leaders. 

"In a few days, you will see these incidents covered up. This government will not be able to eliminate corruption from its own party people," he said. 

He said the current government has no standing with the people as the 11th parliamentary election was not a "lawful" one. 

Moudud said not only the ruling party’s leaders, but the vice-chancellors of various public universities as well, are indulging in corruption. 

"The vice-chancellors of 11 public universities are now accused of corruption. The effigies of three of them have been burnt. A vice-chancellor is a revered person, but they are also now indulging in corruption. Corruption has also spread everywhere in the judiciary." 

He urged the government to step down and hold a fair and credible election to establish a representative administration with the vote of the people. "Only then, the prevailing anarchy, extortion, gambling, and casino culture will be removed from the country." 

The BNP leader said the restoration of democracy is now necessary to bring back government control of the state machinery. "Khaleda Zia must be freed first to bring back democracy in the country." 

He said Khaleda has been kept in jail for 17 months on "false cases" where she was entitled to bail. "The courts are unable to work independently due to the government's political influence. That is why Khaleda Zia is still in jail." 

Moudud also said it will not be possible to free Khaleda through the legal process. 

"We have put in our best efforts, but did not get any good results as the government has kept all the courts under its influence. So, agitation and taking to the streets with protests is the only option to free her," he added. 

He called upon people in all walks of life and democratic political forces to unite to ensure the fall of the current government and "restore" democracy in the country.