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Quader: Mosquitoes are not powerful than humans

  • Published at 04:50 pm August 9th, 2019
Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader speaks during a visit to Gabtoli bus terminal to check upon the journey of the holiday makers ahead of Eid-ul-Azha on Friday, August 9, 2019 Focus Bangla

There are no problems with the roads and highways this year, the road transport and bridges minister said

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has said the government can tackle the dengue situation without fear, as mosquitoes are not more powerful than humans.

"Aedes mosquito does not carry more power than humans," the minister said on Friday morning. "We have fought a lot of challenges in the past fearlessly, and we can fight this menace too."

Quader, also the general secretary of ruling Awami League, made the remarks during a visit to Gabtoli bus terminal to check upon the journey of the holidaymakers ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

The minister also said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday called for year-long awareness and action programs to stop the spread of mosquito-borne dengue disease.

Replying to a media query on the topic of another minister's remark that "dengue has spread because the country was progressing ahead",Quader said "We are not concerned about people’s personal comments. The actual concern is if the government is doing what needs to be done. You cannot evaluate our work based upon a few scattered remarks."

The road transport minister said the government is doing its utmost to ensure that the Eid journey remain free of the dengue menace for home bound people.

"All of the departments concerned are ready to fight the menace, and efforts have only intensified after the return of the prime minister." Quader said. "Our efforts to tackle this terrifying situation will continue."

Quader assured that effective insecticides to kill the mosquitoes have arrived and the government will take the initiative to use them soon. 

"We are hoping the situation will gradually come under control after we start using these insecticides," he said. 

"Although I cannot make the claim that the situation has been brought completely under control, I can say the government are continuing to put its best effort to ensure the situation does not worsen during the Eid holidays," the minister added.

No faults with roads, highways

There are no problems with the roads and highways that are being used for Eid journeys this year, Obaidul Quader has claimed.

"The problems lie with the ferry ghats, such as the Paturia-Daulatdia ghat," the minister said. "Due to the heavy current of the river – all the way from Mawa to Janjira – the ferry communication is getting halted, preventing the vehicles from crossing."

Quader hoped the situation would turn normal soon. "There was heavy rainfall and adverse weather yesterday [Thursday]. The danger signal was hoisted, and people could not travel comfortably. However, today [Friday], people are traveling in a much more relaxed manner."

The minister added that the issue of asking for extra fare is being closely monitored. 

"We have vigilance teams, police, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and officials from Bangladesh Road Transport Authorities (BRTA) working to address this issue," Quader said. "Already, two people of a Rangpur-bound transportation company were arrested for their involvement on this issue. Asking for extra fare will not be tolerated at all."