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Controversy in Ershad’s family life

  • Published at 01:04 am July 15th, 2019
web-Roushan Ershad speaks to reportrers at the Dhaka Cantonment Mosque yesterday
File photo: Roushan Ershad speaks to reportrers at the Dhaka Cantonment Mosque on Sunday, July 14, 2019 Focus Bangla

Ershad was accused of having several extra-marital affairs

HM Ershad's political life was greatly influenced by his wife, Raushon Ershad. 

Controversy over his family and personal life also made him one of the most controversial leaders in Bangladesh history. 

Ershad married Rowshan at the age of 26 in 1956. She was only 13 at the time. The couple had a son, Shad Ershad, and fostered a girl, named Jebin.  

Ershad was accused of having several extra-marital affairs. However, his relationship with Rowshan seemed to remain unchanged. 

Ershad's second marriage to Bidisha Ershad took place in 2000. Ershad eventually divorced Bidisha in 2005, claiming that she had deceived him. They had a son, Eric Ershad.

But Ershad’s second marriage created rifts with Rowshan. For the last 20 years, the couple had been living separately, but did not divorce. They also continued to do politics in the same party. 

Choosing the party's future chief

Ershad had nominated Rowshan as a member of parliament several times. But their personal dispute took political shape in 2007 when Ershad decided to join the Awami League-led alliance and Rowshan decided to go with BNP. 

Later, Rowshan took part in the 2014 election_while Ershad was admitted at the Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka_and become the opposition leader. 

Several top party leaders have said that Ershad desired to see his party as a strong political organization, which was not dependent on any other party and would return to power once again. 

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So, he decided to take part in that election in a way that would mobilise the grassroot leaders and activists and send a message that the party was reviving. 

That is why the decision to become the opposition party was made and direction was given at a council meeting to form the party's student wing, Chhatra Samaj. 

When he returned home after treatment in  Singapore earlier this year, Ershad started making plans over the possible future chief of the party. 

Ershad's unpredictable nature was once again revealed as he tried to reorganize the party. 

He issued a press release making his younger brother GM Quader a co-chairman, placing him next to the party chief in January this year. 

However, within a few days, he again named Rowshan Ershad the co-chair. But finally, he announced Quader as the acting party chief on January 18 and expressed his desire to see his brother elected as the party chairman in the next council.