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JaPa focused on strengthening party

  • Published at 11:42 pm May 27th, 2019
Leaders of Jatiya Party at a meeting arranged ahead of an iftar program held in Dhaka on Monday, May 27, 2019 Focus Bangla

The party is on its way to reformation, several senior leaders said at a program on Monday

Leaders of the major opposition party in the parliament, Jatiya Party (JaPa), have expressed their strong desire and commitment to strengthen organizational operations.

The leaders expressed their commitment at a discussion meeting arranged ahead of an iftar program held in Dhaka.

Secretary General of Jatiya Party Mashiur Rahman Ranga said the biggest challenge for his party is to reform it and to organize it well.

"To turn our party into a well-organized one, we first need to organize the committees of the associated bodies of the party," Ranga said.

He said the procedure of reorganizing Chhatra Samaj has already begun, with the help of former leaders of the student wing. "They are almost ready to start a new committee."

Ranga said his party will start electing a new committee for another of its associated bodies, Zabo Sanghoti, soon after Chhatra Samaj declares its one.

"Gradually, we will reform the women wing, and other bodies, through arranging councils," the secretary general said.

Although there was a debate over the role of the Jatiya Party in parliament – soon after last year's general election – the party’s presidium member Firoz Rashid, claimed that before participating in the election, party Chief HM Ershad had informed them that they were fighting to become the opposition party.

"It happened, and now if we continue on our path to reformation, one day, Jatiya Party will return to power," Firoz said.

Although Ershad was supposed to attend the program, he could not join due to his deteriorating physical condition.

Leaders and activists of Jatiya Party prayed for Ershad's quick recovery, and for their party’s to return to power.

Kader willing to take responsibility of the party to serve people

In his speech, Jatiya Party acting Chief, GM Kader, said he wants to see his party as a political organization that belongs to all – even to grassroots activists who can contribute to decision making.

"If everyone feels like they have their position in the party, it will be more successful," Kader said, adding that all party members will be working for the betterment of the people.

"And I want to take responsibility of the party to serve you as your party chief," he said.

"The people are not happy with the behaviour of the two main political parties [Awami League and BNP]," Kader furthered. "They are moving away from politics."

He said these people are looking towards the Jatiya Party free them from the bad culture of politics. "They are closely following our activities."