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PM: BNP, Oikya Front participated in polls with evil intentions

  • Published at 10:58 am February 15th, 2019
The Prime Minister urged people to see the errors and lapses of her 10 years period and to vote in favor of the Awami League.
Awami League President, and also the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina speaks during unveiling the party's 21-point manifesto for the upcoming general polls at a hotel in Dhaka on Tuesday; December 18, 2018 Focus Bangla

The prime minister stated this at a reception for expatriate Bangladeshi nationals in Germany, on Thursday

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that BNP had evil intentions when it participated in the last general election but ensured the polls were disputed.

The prime minister said this while addressing a reception hosted by expatriate Bangladeshi nationals in Munich, Germany, on Thursday night.

“Though BNP took part in the election, they had always intended to question the polls; as their popularity had dropped to its lowest level and they stood no chance of winning the electoral race,” she said.

The prime minister, on her maiden overseas visit—after assuming office last month for the fourth time—arrived in Munich, on Thursday, to attend a security conference.

Pointing out the reasons for BNP’s colossal defeat in the last general election, the prime minister said BNP won only 28 seats in the 2008 general election and no one had raised questions about the legitimacy of that election.

She asked: “How did they expect better results than 2008 after committing mayhem in the name of a political movement over the last few years?,” she said; adding that people have not forgotten BNP’s terrorist activities which they unleashed across the country in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

BNP was not sincere in winning the election as it sensed its defeat, which was the reality, she said.

“Khaleda Zia is convicted of swallowing orphans’ funds; and Tarique Zia is convicted of smuggling 10-truck arms and ammunition, as well as convicted for the grenade attack. So, the big question is, why would people vote for them in the election?,” she said.

Moreover, BNP fielded many Jamaat-e-Islami leaders, giving them their paddy sheaf electoral symbol to use; which was also a major cause of losing public support in the election, Sheikh Hasina said.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen, president of All European Awami League Anil Dasgupta and president of UK chapter of Awami League Sultan Mahmud Sharif also spoke on the occasion conducted by Bangladesh Ambassador to Germany Imteaz Ahmed.

Leaders of different chapters of Awami League in European countries greeted the prime minister presenting her with bouquets.

Sheikh Hasina said BNP could not clarify for the public who their prime minister would have been and who would have formed the government if they had won the election.

Sheikh Hasina also blamed BNP’s nomination trade as one of the major reasons for their debacle in the election, saying BNP had nominated three or more people in every constituency.

BNP was more critical about Awami League in the election campaign, than informing the public of their plans. However, the people of Bangladesh know what Awami League has done for them, the prime minister said.

Sheikh Hasina said Awami League has given members of the public a better life. She continued that during Awami League’s tenure, the monthly income of the people has increased and they are living in peace. She furthers that their standard of living is improving daily, which the people can understand.

The prime minister said, “We are focusing on how we want to see our country in future.” 

“Our past development work is evident to the public and we have furnished our future plan in our election manifesto.”

Awami League has earned independence and established the people’s right to speak in their mother tongue, the premier said; adding that Bangladesh would excel and no one would be able to dominate it as Awami League is now working for the economic emancipation of the country.

Now, BNP and their ally Oikya Front doubt the legitimacy of the December 30 election and filed cases in seven places, the prime minister said, adding that, as per election law, they can file cases in the election tribunal and Awami League has no objection to it. 

The corruption of BNP leaders is being exposed, slowly, by US intelligence and Canada, and their documents are the main evidence of the lawsuits filed against Khaleda Zia and her son,” she said.