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Monju rejects Khulna city polls result, says Khaleque must wear a veil

  • Published at 02:42 pm May 16th, 2018
KCC polls Monju press brief
BNP mayoral candidate for the Khulna city polls addresses a press conference on Wednesday SM Shamsur Rahman

He announced his rejection of results while giving his reaction of the election at a press conference held at the Khulna BNP office around 11:45am

BNP-nominated mayoral candidate Nazrul Islam Monju on Wednesday rejected the result of the Khulna City Corporation polls, terming the election a new version of vote rigging.

He announced his rejection of the results while giving his reaction to the election at a press conference held at the Khulna BNP office around 11:45am.

Addressing reporters, Monju said: “The newest addition to the vote rigging activity was the inclusion of women. Vote was rigged and ballot was stolen in 105 polling centres. Voters were obstructed in another 35 centres.

“This is a textbook example of the irregularities in the polls, and Talukder Abdul Khaleque was victorious because of it.” 

Hurling allegations that robbers and terrorists openly supported Khaleque, Monju questioned how the Awami League candidate would free Khulna of narcotics, criminals, and land grabbers.

“Khaleque would have to wear a veil to face the people of Khulna, because of the environment he will create in the future,” he added.

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Following the announcement of the election results, victorious ruling party leader Talukder Abdul Khaleque announced that he would like to work alongside Monju for the betterment of Khulna.

Commenting on this proposal, Monju said: “Khaleque was the kingpin of vote riggers. I do not have the mentality to work alongside him. I am rejecting his offer.”

The BNP leader continued: “The Awami League disregarded every political courtesy that exists during the Khulna city polls. The BNP will participate in the upcoming elections to point out the ruling party’s true nature.”

Putting the officials of the administration in the crosshairs, Monju said: “The Election Commission is not capable enough to hold fair elections. Members of the BGB, RAB and police were asleep on voting day.

“The rampant irregularities we witnessed in the Khulna city polls prove that a fair election without deployment of the Bangladesh Army is not possible.”

On May 15, Awami League’s candidate Talukder Abdul Khaleque was elected the next mayor of Khulna City Corporation, beating his closest rival BNP-blessed aspirant Nazrul Islam Monju by 67,946 votes.

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