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Nomination hopefuls of Awami League are busy lobbying

  • Published at 01:10 am February 25th, 2018
  • Last updated at 01:11 am February 25th, 2018
Nomination hopefuls of Awami League are busy lobbying
Awami league nomination seekers are focused on lobbying rather than campaigning in the expectation of a guaranteed victory. The sources from policy-making level of the party said that among the 300 seats 10,000 nomination candidates are lobbying to grab the nomination but  candidates with strong field politics are lower in number. They also said that these nomination candidates lack a strong political position in their respective areas but they are putting all their effort in lobbying. They are expecting victory just through grabbing nomination. This reporter confronted around 20 nomination candidates who are going around to the houses and offices of party leaders to get the nomination and most of them admitted to the acquisition. They said that to ensure the nomination they need to maintain some guidelines which is not the same with winning the election that is why lobbying exists in order to ensure the nomination. Some nomination candidates said that likelihood of BNP’s participation in the next election is lower and that made acquirement of nomination more competitive. Some also expecting to win just by getting the nomination from the ruling party. Policymaking leaders of the Awami League have also acknowledged this. They said that new nomination candidates hope that this election will be same as the election of January 5, 2014, but there are leaders who are going around building a strong political background and at the end they will be the ones eligible for the nomination. The party leaders also said that Awami league focused on an election with participation of everyone and for this they need qualified candidates. Those who are not following the direction of the party chief Sheikh Hasina will not get the nomination. They also informed the Dhaka Tribune that the scrutiny process is underway under  the supervision of Sheikh Hasina. The proportion of nomination candidates with weaker political background is higher. Their list has been handed to Sheikh Hasina. Presidium Member of the Awami League Abdur Razzaq told the Dhaka Tribune that candidates who do not have strong political background are busy in lobbying. “Our prime minister has a list of them.” he added. He also said that to get a nomination the candidates have to have strong political background and nomination cannot be gained through lobbying. Presidium Member Kazi Zafarullah said, “There are large numbers of nomination seekers who do not have any political background, no such person will be nominated and our party leader Sheikh Hasina is uncompromising in this regard.” He also said, “Sheikh Hasina has been repeatedly warned regarding this and she won’t take anyone without qualifications this time.”   This article was first published on banglatribune.com