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Who is calling on Awami League to kick out infiltrators?

  • Published at 05:38 pm February 18th, 2018
  • Last updated at 09:13 am February 19th, 2018
Who is calling on Awami League to kick out infiltrators?
A billboard sprang up Sunday morning at the intersection of Sat Masjid Road and Dhanmondi Road 27. The ad saying: “Kauwa mukto Mohammadpur Thana Awami League chai” was put up by unknown parties, but certainly resourceful parties. Initially, the billboard read “Kauwa mukto Mohammopur Thana Awami League” but was swiftly swapped out with the corrected version.
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The reference to 'kauwa' or crow comes from a remark Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader made in March 2017. Fed up with opportunists exploiting Awami League and signing up with the party, Obaidul exclaimed: “These ‘kauwas’ infiltrating Awami League have to go.” He indicated the many organizations which appear to be affiliated with Awami League, when they are not. The billboard evoked the party general secretary’s sentiment, hinting at many such outsiders in Mohammadpur Awami League in disguise.