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Tariqat Federation to float new Islamic alliance

  • Published at 12:19 pm July 7th, 2017
  • Last updated at 09:44 am July 29th, 2017
Tariqat Federation to float new Islamic alliance
Bangladesh Tariqat Federation is planning to form a new political alliance consisting of the political parties that are based on Qawmi madrasas. Leaders of the parties that are trying to form the alliance said the higher authorities of the government are positive about the new political alliance. Several Qawmi leaders have also reached a consensus on the formation of the alliance. Tariqat Federation Secretary General MA Awal MP is leading the process of floating the alliance, sources said. Awal in recent months held meetings with several leaders of Islami Oikya Jote, Zafrullah Khan-led Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon, Imam-Ulama Parishad, and Faraizi Andolon regarding the alliance. “I had been trying to form the alliance for a long time. I have talked with several political leaders and they have responded positively,” Awal said. However, Tariqat Federation is yet to fix an agenda whether the alliance will work eyeing the next general election or will carry forward with political programmes. According to a source from the party, Tariqat Chairman Syed Najibul Bashar Maijbhandari is opposing the plan of the alliance. Najibul could not be reached for a comment on the matter. Tariqat Federation had earlier formed an alliance, Progatishil Islami Jote, but it broke off within months after being floated. According to a source from an Intelligence agency, the government is interested in the alliance but its format or agenda is yet to be fixed. The higher authorities of the government want Qawmi madrasa-based political parties to join two separate alliances – one led by Islami Oikya Jote and another under Tariqat Federation’s leadership. It is believed that the new alliance could announce effective programmes against Jammat-e-Islami. It has been learnt that Khelafat Andolon is willing to join the new alliance. Khelafat Andolon Ameer Maolana Zafrullah Khan said: “We will join the alliance if the party leaders and activists want the same. But the decision has not been finalised yet.” A new political party is going to be floated led by Imam-Ulama Parishad chief Ruhul Amin Sadi who could also join the alliance. “I am yet to formally announce my party. It cannot be said right now whether or not we will join the new alliance,” Sadi said.