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Sultana Kamal: They don’t understand reason

Sultana Kamal: They don’t understand reason

'You cannot say anything in this country. There can be no reasonable debate'

Rights activist Sultana Kamal has said that the Islamic fundamentalist group Hefazat-e-Islam cannot engage in a reasonable argument.

After the group threatened violence against her and demanded her arrest over a conversation in a television talk show, Sultana told the Bangla Tribune on Friday over phone that her statement had been grossly misinterpreted.

“You cannot have a proper debate with Hefazat,” she said.

“They do not want to accept rational arguments. The government should take action against them for threatening ordinary citizens with physical violence.”

Hefazat’s Mufti Shakhawat Hossain was a guest at the talk show besides Sultana and other politicians and activists. The issue that day was the removal of the Lady Justice statue from the Supreme Court premises.

“That day, a question was raised that what is the issue with the sculpture being there. The Hefazat representative said it is an idol, a religious symbol and it should not be on the court premises,” Sultana said.

“So I said, I agree with you, the court premises should not have any religious edifice. But according to you, the mosque should not be there either.”

Asked about the threat, she said: “You cannot say anything in this country. There can be no reasonable debate.”

In reply to a question, Sultana said: “Let the government see that they are issuing open threats. The government arrests so many people on so many issues. If someone says anything about the prime minister, they are arrested. This group has even said things about the Chief Justice.”

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