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President: Revive the lost glory of student politics

  • Published at 10:34 pm March 4th, 2017
President: Revive the lost glory of student politics
"The tide of youth never stops and I do believe their tide will not stop in the future. You must attach the highest priority to the interest of the country and the nation than the individual and familial gains," he said this at the 50th Convocation of Dhaka University. The President said the country's student community has a glorious role in Bangladesh's political history as they played a leading role in the 71 Liberation War, the 1952 Language Movement, Six-point Movement and other democratic movements of the country. The student community always comes forward to resist all threa ts to the country's independence and sovereignty for which many of them had been harassed and sent to jail, he said. Criticising the ongoing trend of student politics, the president said general and brilliant students used to be encouraged to get involved in politics when he joined student politics, but this is not done these days. Now people of even 45-50 years of age are involved in student politics, he said, questioning how they become student leaders. "Regular university students must lead student politics."
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The President stressed the need for holding Dhaka University Central Student's Union (Ducsu) election, aiming to help create new political leaders in the country. "Ducsu election is a must. If Ducsu election is not held, a vacuum of leadership will be created in the country's politics in future," he added. There is no alternative to political leadership for the nation's development which is complementary to democracy, Hamid said. "I, myself, started politics through student politics. But, there's a huge difference between today's student politics and that of ours. During the 60s, the aims and objectives of student politics were to ensure welfare of the nation and the country," he said. Asking the students to get united to get the student politics on the right path and start ideology-based and welfare-oriented politics, he said: "The student community has to play a leading role in this regard." Recalling Dhaka University's contributions to the country's politics, he said it has created many veteran politicians since its inception in 1921 and they played their significant role in the country's Liberation War, other democratic movement and its development. "So, Dhaka University has a deep relation with the student politics. In one word, Dhaka University is the birthplace of politics," he added. He urged newly graduates of the university to always uphold their moral values, conscience and patriotism and not to bow down to any injustice and untruth.