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PM: We’re making the country self-reliant economically

  • Published at 12:05 am September 13th, 2019
Sheikh Hasina
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina speaks at parliament on Thursday, September, 12, 2019 Focus Bangla

We can give the national budget with our own resources

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told parliament on Thursday that the government has been taking the country forward with relentless work to attain economic emancipation.

“We’re making the country self-reliant economically," the prime minister said in her valedictory speech at the 4th session of the 11th parliament, which was prorogued last night.

Now Bangladesh does not need to beg anyone to formulate the national budget.

“We can give the national budget with our own resources,” Sheikh Hasina said, adding that her government increased the size of budget five times over.

She said Bangladesh has been able to draw the attention of the whole world by attaining unprecedented development in the last one decade.

Noting that Bangladesh has made a turnaround economically in just one decade, Hasina said the country is now the second largest economy in South Asia, while the 13th in Asia and the 30th largest economy in the world.

She said Bangladesh has been able to achieve 8.1% GDP growth in the last fiscal year. 

Bangladesh has been able to accelerate the economic growth over the last one decade as the government worked sincerely for the wellbeing of people, she said.

The premier said the government is making people free from the grip of poverty by expanding the social safety net.

The grassroots are now enjoying benefits from the government’s measures taken to improve their living standards, she said.

Sheikh Hasina, Leader of the House, urged MPs to oversee the implementation of the development work being carried out by different ministries in their respective areas.

“You need to pay attention whether the development projects are being implemented properly. If you oversee them properly, the work will be done well and thus the development of the country will accelerate,” she said.

The Awami League president also told Parliament that the Awami League government is not into anything such as repression and torture as the BNP-Jamaat clique had unleashed on them during their tenure.

“We had also been subjected to repression by the BNP and Jamaat as those who are now in opposition [Jatiya Party] were repressed and tortured. We’re doing nothing to them compared to that [repression and torture carried out by BNP-Jamaat]. We’re busy building the country,” she said.

She said her government spends time for the welfare of the country’s people and the government has ensured free democratic practices for all.

“We’ve made practices of democracy free for all politically,” she said.