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Cold wave disrupts life in northern region

  • Published at 11:08 pm January 22nd, 2020
hili winter
People ride a rickshaw during cold wave in Hili Dhaka Tribune

Up until now, the government has distributed 64,000 blankets with locals demanding the government distribute adequate winter clothing and food

The third phase of a cold wave accompanied by mild wind has disrupted daily life in different parts of  the country’s northern  districts  over the last couple of days.

According to local sources, the biting cold wind is intensifying, making routine activities difficult for people in the districts.

In Kurigram, locals are finding it very difficult to carry out their daily work in heavy fog and cold winds blowing in from the Himalayas.

Over the last month,the minimum temperatures have been ranging from 7 to 10 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday morning, the temperature was recorded at 7.2 degree Celsius.

Up until now, the government has distributed 64,000 blankets with locals demanding the government distribute adequate winter clothing and food.

According to government sources, Tk. 3 lakh has been allocated for the provision of children's clothing and another 1 lakh for children's food.

In Hili of Dinajpur, due to the heavy fog, vehicles are being driven with the headlights on, even in broad daylight. The daily income of transport workers has also plummeted due to the decreased number of commuters. 

Shariful Islam, a van driver, said : " After a downpour three days ago, the temperature began to fall sharply.The heavy fog and the cold wind have made it even colder."

On Wednesday, the local temperature was recorded at 9 degree Celsius in Dinajpur and the cold spell is expected to continue till the 25th.

In Nilphamari, where the minimum temperature was recorded at 8.8 degree celsius, day labourers are experiencing difficulty working due to the low temperature and cold winds.

On Tuesday, the temperature was recorded at 8.2 degree celsius.

The Assistant Officer of the Syedpur Airport Weather Office, Md. Lokman Hakim, confirmed the matter.

“A cold spell is ongoing and the impact of the low temperatures is at its peak. Ordinary workers are not able to go about their work as usual" he added.

Rangpur Divisional Director (Health) Dr. Mostafa Khaled Ahmed said medicine stocks were adequate and steps were taken at government-run health facilities to treat patients suffering from cough, fever, asthma and other such diseases, reports BSS.

District administrations, NGOs, and different voluntary, professional, socio-cultural and charitable organisations, business bodies and other institutions, have all joined in to distribute warm clothes.

District Relief and Rehabilitation Officer of Rangpur, ATM Akhteruzzaman, said the government had allocated 78,000 blankets, 4,000 packets of dry foods, Tk 2 lakh for baby clothes and Tk one lakh for baby food for people in the district.

“We have already distributed 78,000 blankets and other allocated goods like dry foods and warm clothes, baby clothes and baby foods, in the districts,” he said.

Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension at its regional office, Md Moniruzzaman, said agriculture officers are assisting farmers in nursing growing crop plants and Boro rice seedlings, to save them from the cold. 

Ariful Islam, Kurigram; Md. Faruk Hossain, Dinajpur;  Taiyeb Ali Sarker, Nilphamari