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Reported rape incidents increase in Faridpur

  • Published at 12:01 am January 20th, 2020
Rape culture

Several of the sexual offences during 2019 in Faridpur generated public outrage and distress as these incidents continued unabated

Incidents of rape in Faridpur shot up to 66 in 2019, compared to the year 2018 and 2017 when the number of  such incidents was 51 and 42 respectively, says a report recorded at the office of the superintendent of police in the district.

Several of the sexual offences during 2019 in Faridpur generated public outrage and distress as these incidents continued unabated.

In December last year, a disabled teenager named Fatema, 13, was raped and murdered. Her body was recovered two days after it had gone missing from a local fair. Police later arrested Yasin Miah, 25, in connection with the incident. 

Yasin was later killed in a reported gunfight with the police while he tried to flee.

At least 30 children were abused in 2019, demonstrating over a two-fold rise of such incidents compared to the previous two years, when nine children were abused in 2018 and 11 in 2017.

Two teachers were suspended for sexually harassing a schoolgirl in separate incidents last year.

Another appalling incident of child abuse was the death of madrasa student Abdur Rahman, 8. While he died under treatment at a Faridpur hospital, medical evidence suggested that he was raped. Police arrested two madrasa teachers in connection with the case, which was filed by Abdur Rahman’s father against unidentified persons.

Although there was a slight decrease of  incidents of  women's abuse in 2018 after 2017, it went up in 2019.

It was found that 144 reports of women's abuse were recorded in 2018, which was 151 in 2017 but rose again to 175 in 2019.

Faridpur Shocheton Nagorik Committee’s President Shipra Goswami said: “The main issue here is the decline of morality and lack of family values. Husband and wife, both being busy, are failing to provide adequate family time for their children. 

"Moreover, the psychosocial development of teens is hampered because of unrestricted internet use and them being deprived of sports activities,” she continued.

Blaming the lack of justice and slow judicial process of the country, Shipra added: "Impunity has also been a great problem, resulting in the increased crime rate in our society.”

Lokman Hossain Mridha, president of the Faridpur district council, said: “Most of the rapists are drug addicts. The improper use of modern technology, namely mobile phones and Facebook are also to blame. Social awareness is essential in order to eradicate this problem.”

Faridpur Superintendent of Police Md Alimuzzaman said: “Rape incidents have not only increased in Faridpur, but also in the whole country. We are working hard to stop such incidents. I believe we can mitigate the crisis through a coordinated effort of the family and other social institutions."