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Robots to the rescue

  • Published at 12:54 am January 17th, 2020
Fire Fighting Robot
Members of the team "LH Hunter"pose with their robot at EEE department Dhaka Tribune

Students of Leading University in Sylhet build advanced fire fighting robot

Students of Leading University in Sylhet, the region’s first ever private university, have built an advanced fire fighting robot named "Safety Autonomous Firefighter (SAF-7.0)."    

A total of seven students of the university's Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) department formed a team titled "LU Hunter" and worked relentlessly for four months to build the multifunctional firefighting robot as a part of their course project.

Ratul Ahmed Rahat, Tushar Banik, Malay De, Shamima Akter Subarna, Rami Talukder, Priyanka Talukder, and Mahfuz Chowdhury, team members of LU Hunter, were supervised by Md Ashraful Islam and Munstasir Rashid, lecturers at the department.

While talking with Dhaka Tribune, Ratul, team member of LU Hunter, said: "The primary objective of this robot is to keep the damage caused by a fire to its bare minimum. This robot can operate autonomously. It can also be operated manually and given instructions under the supervision of a human from a control room.

"People can use this for their homes, offices, as well as for their factories."

The robot has been built with obstacle avoiding sensors and cameras, so that it can operate through debris and will notify its operator if there is any fire, Ratul said, adding, "The robot will use carbon dioxide and water to douse a fire. We are also planning to build a server for SAF-7.0."

Md Ashraful Islam, lecturer of the university's EEE department and also one of the supervisors of this project, said: "The development of this robot is still in the early stages. But, when further advancements are made, we can use this robot in our campus as a measure for firefighting." 

Assistant Prof Rumel M S Rahman Pir, EEE department head of Leading University, Sylhet, said: "We are planning to include features such as bomb detection, temperature reading, data collection, storing, and server sharing to our robot. 

"If this robot, after more improvements, can be commercialized, then it can be used for firefighting operations across the country."