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Pithali, Jamalpur's signature food item

  • Published at 10:05 am December 26th, 2019
Pithali jamalpur
People of the district have traditionally referred to this special item as Pithali Collected

Pithali  is also known as Menda or Milli, or Milani

A dish, thanks to its quintessential taste and flavour, has been dominating various social occasions, notably wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and the like in Jamalpur district for a number of years.

People of the district have traditionally referred to this special item as Pithali, which is also known as Menda or Milli, or Milani. Basically, the food is made from a combination of several ingredients.

"To prepare this item, you will need meat, potatoes, onions, ginger, and hot spices, and, of course, oil and water. The most important ingredient you need is Atap (non-boiled) rice powder, which is why it is called Pithali, said Mizanur Rahman Mizan, a chef at the Star Hotel at Bojrapur area in the district town. 

At first, one has to take some fresh bone-in-meat (meat with bone) and slices of potatoes as one wishes, which then must be mixed well with oil, ginger, garlic paste and hot spices. After the mixture is done, it will need to be cooked until the meat becomes tender.

Later, Atap rice powder is added to ensure the thickness of the soup. Finally, fried onions will have to be sprinkled on it before it is served hot and tasty.

Professor Md Mujahid Billah Faruki, principal of Government Ashek Mahmud College said: “Residents of Jamalpur are accustomed to rice, vegetables, fish, eggs and dal and so on, like many people in other parts of the country. However, pithali or milli is cooked by every family in the district on special occasions irrespective of whether people are rich and poor."