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Tangail records 91 rape cases in 10 months

  • Published at 12:37 am November 30th, 2019

Even more appalling fact is that a large number of these cases are related to child rape

In the last 10 months, a total of 130 cases were filed under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act at 12 different police stations in Tangail, police sources said.

Of these cases, 91 were related to rape incidents. Despite the law enforcement working to raise social awareness to prevent such incidents from recurring, the number of rape and gang rape incidents are on an upward trend. Last year, the number of rape cases was 52.

Unfortunately, the growing number of rapes is not the only point of concern. The nature of these recent incidents, alone, are very alarming, as they reveal the psychotic characteristics of the men .  

On March 11, a group of teenagers raped a girl after tying her boyfriend to a tree in the Madhupur forest. On April 17, a 17-year old teenage girl from Pakistan came to visit her grandparent’s house in Gopalpur and was raped after being abducted by her cousin. On June 21, one Minhaj Uddin raped a widow, 35, with speech impairment at Dhanbari, promising her of medical treatment. 

Even more appalling fact is that a large number of these cases are related to child rape. 

On September 1, one Bachchu Mia, 50, raped his fifth-grader neighbour in Akur Takur Para, west of Tangail city. In Delduar on September 9, one Sanaur Hossain, 16, broke into an eighth-grader’s home and raped her, after tying her hands and feet. On September 26, a third-grade child was raped in Narandia of the Kalihati upazila. On October 26, a case was filed for the rape of eighth-grade schoolgirl in the Basail upazila.

When asked about the increasing number of these heinous crimes, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University’s Md Zahirul Islam, assistant professor of criminology and police science department, said: “A key reason contributing to the rise of rape incidents in Tangail, is the lack of proper investigation and trial of cases previously filed for rape here.”

Regarding the process of police investigation of rape cases, he said: “The problem in our country is that in many instances, the case evidence tends to get lost or damaged. In many cases, new officers are made case investigation officer. Due to the lack of skill and experience, they often produce a weak charge sheet, and as a result, is rejected for court trials.

“However, if a case is widely discussed in the media, it is given more importance. The senior police officials intervene and a skilful investigating officer is appointed. The media can play an important role in this regard,” he added.

Tangail District Judge Court’s Public Prosecutor (PP) Akbar Ali Khan said: “We are seeing a rise in teenagers aged around 13-14, falling victim to predators through social media. A large number of cases are related to such incidents.”

Tangail Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime) Ahaduzzaman Mia said: "In the last 10 months there have been 91 cases filed for rape. We are seriously investigating these cases. We urge everyone to be more vigilant to prevent the recurring of such crimes. We also advise parents to be responsible in raising their children."