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Monkey killed after it injures 35

  • Published at 09:11 pm November 21st, 2019
Photo: Dhaka Tribune

Union parishad chairman confirmed that the animal was buried near a hill, far away from the locality

A monkey caused havoc in the locality of Barlekha, Moulvibazar in Sylhet, injuring 35 including a child on Tuesday.

Later, the residents hanged the monkey as reprisal after feeding it food laced in sedatives.

There have been allegations regarding Julhaz Uddin, an officer working for wildlife protection department, Sylhet range who is said to have visited the area and asked locals to kill the monkey once they catch it. However, the killing is in clear violation of the Wildlife Conservation and Security Act and the recently passed Animal Welfare Bill.

Hipjur Rahman, union parishad chairman, confirmed that the child who sustained serious injuries was admitted at a private clinic and has now returned home.

It was learnt that the monkey entered the locality about 20 days ago after being separated from its tribe living in the Patharia hills. Since then, it was causing nuisance in the villages of Kathaltoli, Rukunpur, Dokkhin Muchegul, Uttarbhag and adjacent areas.

As a result, residents appeared before the local Union Parishad chairman Hipjur Rahman who in turn, contacted Julhaz Uddin regarding the matter.

Ten days ago, Julhaz Uddin visited the area but instead of taking necessary steps to return the animal to the wild, the officer asked the people suffering to kill it once they catch it. Since then, people from six to seven villages have been trying to catch the monkey.

On Tuesday morning, residents managed to subdue the monkey after feeding it food laced with sedatives. Later at 3pm, they captured it and hanged it in front of hundreds of residents in the Kathaltoli Bazar.  

Furthermore, the union parishad chairman confirmed that the animal was buried near a hill, far away from the locality.

On Thursday, Julhaz Uddin informed that he visited the area earlier but since there is no support from the government to catch such animals, he asked the residents to kill it.

Upon hearing the news of the animal’s death he said: “Good, then.”