• Sunday, Dec 15, 2019
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16th span of Padma Bridge installed, 2400m visible

  • Published at 06:28 pm November 19th, 2019
The newly installed 16th span of the Padma multipurpose bridge Dhaka Tribune

Two other spans will also be installed within this month

The 16th span of Padma Bridge has been installed on 16-17 pillars, stretching the visible length up to almost 2.5km.

Engineers of the bridge confirmed the news to Dhaka Tribune Tuesday afternoon.

Executive Engineer and Manager of Padma Bridge (main bridge) Dewan Abdul Quader said: “The span 3-D was installed around 1:15pm on Tuesday. Now, the bridge is visible for around 2.5km.”

Dewan said:  “The pillars no 16-17 was not far from the construction area; it did not take much time to reach there. That is why the installation of the span could have been done within a single day.”

The engineer also shared that two other spans will also be installed within this month. Span 4-D will be set up on pillars 22-23 shortly.

“Meanwhile, 31 spans out of 41 have reached the construction yard so far. Sixteen spans are already being installed, four spans are ready, three needs to be painted and the rest are being fitted in the construction yard. Thirty-three pillars out of 42 have been completed so far. The capping of the nine pillars are going on,” said the executive engineer and manager of Padma Bridge.

According to sources, the 6.15km-long bridge is being constructed of concrete and steel. The China Major Bridge Engineering Company from China has been constructing the main bridge, which is expected to be completed by June, 2021.