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Only 3 doctors for 350,000 people

  • Published at 12:43 am November 15th, 2019
Kotalipara Upazila Health Complex
Kotalipara Upazila Health Complex in Gopalganj Dhaka Tribune

At present, on an average 500 to 600 people come to the outdoor department for treatment while 100 to 150 come to the emergency department every day

Kotalipara Upazila Health Complex is limping with a shortage of doctors and other staffs, much to the suffering of 500 to 600 local patients, especially the poor.

Patients do not get proper treatment and medicine at the 50 bed hospital.

According to the Upazila Health and Family Planning Office (UHFP), there are only three doctors appointed against 21 posts at the 50 bed hospital. 

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (DGFP) and the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) approved an order to appoint seven doctors on August 29 to join the health complex from September. The assigned doctors are, Dr Sharafat Hossain, Dr Abu Daud Khan, Dr Rejaul Karim, Dr Sakif Mahriar, Dr Ahad Hossain, Dr Ahsan Kabir, and Dr Syed Md Amrullah. 

However, only Dr Syed Md Amrullah joined his post on time and the rest remain absent to date, disregarding direct orders from the authorities, so the hospital is running with only three doctors while 18 posts are vacant, confirmed Dr Sushanta Baidda, UHFP planning officer.

At present, on an average 500 to 600 people come to the outdoor department for treatment while 100 to 150 come to the emergency department every day. But there are not enough physicians or technicians to treat the patients, said newly appointed doctor Syed Md Amrullah.

Rafiqur Islam, an upazila resident, said: "We never expected that poor people would be deprived of proper medical care in the Prime Minister's constituency. It is hard to believe doctors ignore the authority's orders. We hope the matter is resolved soon for the greater good of the locality."

55 year old Kamruzzaman from Hiron village said: "I came to the hospital with severe pain in my appendix. As no specialised doctors are available here, I am going to Gopalganj Sadar."

Talking about the difficulty he faced to see a doctor at the hospital, Hasan Habib, 35, of Kotalipara upazila, said: "I went to the hospital with severe fever. Standing in line for hours, there were still at least 400 people in front of me so I came back home untreated."

Mizanur Rahman, a patient undergoing treatment at the health complex, said: "Sometimes only one doctor looks over all of our issues. Most of the time, the dedicated doctors stay extra hours for us; It must be exhausting for them."

UHFP official Sushanta Baidda said, he sent letters to the DGFP and DGHS on September 12 about the lack of doctors at the hospital.

Hoping that the problem would be resolved soon, Gopalganj Civil Surgeon Dr Tarun Mandal said: "I had a discussion with DGFP and DGHS officials about the matter and they were positive about solving the problem in no time."