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A breath of fresh air for people of Narayanganj

  • Published at 10:40 pm November 7th, 2019
The nearly completed Sheikh Russel Nagar Park in Gymkhana of Narayanganj city Dhaka Tribune

The park also known as the Gymkhana Lake is bordered on its south side by the Morgan School in Deobhog, from where it stretches till the Mobarak Shah Road

With the ever rapid growth of urbanization taking place in Narayanganj, it is difficult for locals to catch a breath of fresh air in one of the oldest industrial districts of Bangladesh.

Sheikh Russel Nagar Park is a nice change of pace where people come to enjoy the natural scenic beauty filled with vegetation and to open their lungs to the clean and fresh air free of all the pollution.The park also known as the Gymkhana Lake is bordered on its south side by the Morgan School in Deobhog, from where it stretches till the Mobarak Shah Road.

With the implementation of vegetation projects and other conservational efforts around the previously abandoned waterbody, the Sheikh Russel Nagar Park has now transformed into a modern eco-park, befitting of a popular recreational spot.

The park resembles Hatirjheel, the mid-town drainage and sanitation project of Dhaka. There are walkways, plants along the paths, street lights, and foot lights throughout the area. 

There is a meeting pavilion for visitors in the park, a viewing deck, and a walking bridge. There are three beautiful docks surrounding the 410 metre long and 150 metre wide lake.

The park also has an open theatre for social events and gatherings. A few other things like toilets for men and women, a swimming pool, a fountain, and a bicycle lane are now being made. 

Narayanganj City Corporation began the construction work of this place in November, 2016. Even though construction is not yet complete, it has become popular among people. On Friday evenings, the park is packed with nature lovers and their families and friends. 

According to the Local Government Engineering Department of Narayanganj, the area allocated for the Gymkhana Park is 38.5 acre. In July of 2016, Narayanganj City Corporation awarded Ratna Enterprise the tender for building the park on a budget of Tk7.74 Crore. 

According to Narayanganj City Corporation, Tk19.14 crore has already been spent to complete the second phase of construction. A third phase of construction worth Tk16.96 crore will be initiated shortly.

Locals have welcomed the park and said that people are at last being able to get some fresh air. They do not want the space to be turned into a trade centre or a space for the homeless.

Abdur Rahman, general secretary of the Citizens Committee told Dhaka Tribune: “The park is a blessing for the public. This place was once abandoned and became a hub for various shady activities. This conservation of the lake has made the area beautiful.”

Considering Narayanganj’s polluted atmosphere this park will help keep the ecological balance, said AB Siddique, District secretary of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA). 

He said: “There is no space for children to play and no space for plants and trees either in Narayanganj. This park will give the kids a place to spend their time and ensure a fresh environment for people.”

Considering all this, Narayanganj City Corporation has welcomed this new addition to the city.