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Flourishing dairy farms turn Kashimpur into a milk village

  • Published at 12:06 am October 8th, 2019
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Officials of Pirganj upazila DLS said there are 74 dairy farms in the village, where local villagers are producing over 5,000 litres of milk daily, on an average

The flourishing dairy farms have turned Kashimpur into a milk village, producing over 5,000 litres of milk daily, changing the fortune and living standard of local people in the last ten years.

Kashimpur village, located in Mithipur union near Pirganj municipal town Rangpur district is inhabited by around 2,000 people, mostly small and marginal farmers, unemployed youth, and women.

Talking to BSS, Mithipur union parishad Chairman SM Faruk Ahmed said, Kashimpur villagers initially started rearing cows in a sporadic manner about a decade ago.

“With continuous success achieved by some villagers, their neighbours started to follow the footsteps in rearing cows,” Ahmed said.

Some successful villagers established dairy farms when production of milk started increasing rapidly, attracting the attention of officials of Pirganj Upazila Department of Livestock (DLS), and Department of Youth Development (DYD).

“Now, Kashimpur is well-known as a milk village where local residents have made a transformational change winning against poverty by setting up dairy farms almost in every house,” Ahmed added.

Officials of Pirganj upazila DLS said there are 74 dairy farms in the village, where local villagers are producing over 5,000 litres of milk daily, on an average.

The upazila DLS, and DYD are providing necessary training, advice, medical care, technologies for modern dairy farming, and providing loans to further inspire the villagers in rearing cows.

“After entering Kashimpur village, anyone can see dairy farms full of Friesian, ‘Sahiwal’, Holston, Jersey, and other species of cows that give huge quantity of milk,” Pirganj Upazila Livestock Officer Dr. Md. Tazul Islam told BSS.

Every family of the village has at least three to seven milk-giving cows. The affluent families have 10 to 50 cows each. Many families sell up to 300 litres of milk daily.

The villagers are selling the produced milk daily to BRAC Chilling Centre at nearby Palashbari upazila of Gaibandha, local Milk Vita Milk Purchasing Centre, hotels, and markets.

“The villagers have cultivated hybrid varieties of grasses like Napier, ‘Pakchung’, sweet jumbo, and maize on 14 acres of land for livestock feed,” Dr. Islam added.

Mayor of Pirganj municipality Tazimul Islam Shamim said Kashimpur village looks like a pasture where all men, and women remain busy in cutting grasses and straws, and taking care of their cows.

“The local rural roads wear a charming look when many villagers are seen going on bicycles, motorcycles or van-carts with milk to the milk purchasing centres,” Shamim said adding that rearing of cows has changed the fortune of every family in the village.

Talking to BSS, dairy farmers Chand Mian, Sheikh Sadi, Javed Ali, Quader Mian, and Dildar Hossain of Kashimpur village narrated their success stories of changing fortune through rearing cows, and setting up dairy farms.

“I started my dairy farm with one Friesian cow around ten years back,’ said Chand Mian, a father of three children.

“With continuous support of the DLS and DYD, I have expanded my diary farm, and now have 16 milk-giving cows, and 12 heifers,” he said, adding that he sells 200 litres of milk daily at rates between Taka 35 to Taka 40 per litre.

He has cultivated Napier grass on two acres of land. Besides, he spends Taka 3,500 to Taka 4,000 daily for purchasing fodder for his cattle-heads.

“My monthly net profit stands around Taka one-lakh,” Chand Mian said, adding that he has married off his only daughter Shakila, spending a good amount of money amid huge festivity.

His eldest son, Shaheen, 25, already got married, and younger son Swadhin, 12, studies in class six.

“My wife Shahana, along with me, looks after our dairy farm,” Chand Mian said. He further added that he purchased two acres of cultivable land, taken 2.50 acres of land on lease, and built a new house.

Like Chand Mian, dairy farms have changed the fortune of many families, including Sadek Ali, Wazed Ali, Aiyub Ali, Zaved Mian, Sabur Ali, Musa Mian, Echha Mian, and Elias Ali of Kashimpur village.

District Livestock Officer Dr. Shah Jamal Khondker said Kashimpur villagers have set up a glaring example of enhancing milk production to meet nourishment of the population along with achieving self-reliance.