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Garbage dump turned into a flower garden by school students in Narsingdi

  • Published at 09:07 pm September 15th, 2019
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Six trucks of garbage, which could be weighted around 40 tons, was extracted from the disposal site Dhaka Tribune

Around 50 students of a volunteer organization cleaned the spot in a five-day long effort

After a five-day coordinated effort by a volunteer organization named “BD Clean Narsingdi”, a garbage dump located nearby a mosque at the Bhelanagar bus-stand was cleared and was transformed into a flower garden.

Six trucks of garbage, which could be weighted around 40 tons, was extracted from the disposal site that caused much inconvenience to the passers-by a couple of weeks before. 

On August 30, 50 school-going members of the volunteer organization, joined forces to remove the trash from the spot to a dumping station in the Shalidha area of the Narsingdi municipality, located about three kilometres far from the cleaned spot.

Ward 1 Councillor Kamal Molla of  the municipality arranged a truck for the volunteers to transfer the rubbish and a local businessman provided the plants to planted in the place, said the organization’s Associate Coordinator Toukir Ahmed.

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Soon after the cleaning was finished some people set up temporary shops in the area, but the organization members were able to convince them that the land belonged to government, after which  the volunteers developed a flower garden there and has been tending to it regularly since then.

Nur Mohammad, the organizer of BD Clean Narsingdi, said: “After the organization began its journey last year, it has successfully cleaned 40 spots in the Narsingdi district. Public awareness is essential to ensure that the cleaned spots do not turn again into a garbage dumps. If the local administration keeps an open eye in this regard we hope we will be able to build a clean Narsingdi.

“If the administration stands by us we will be able to clean up the garbage from a grabbed land in the Narsingdi jail intersection area. We will work towards cleaning Narsingdi for as long as possible,” Nur added.

Despite being school and college students, BD Clean Narsingdi members, spend their private savings, that sometimes comes from the spare money of their tiffin, for the voluntary work. The organization received much kudos from social media after their recent cleaning work which turned the trash site into a flower garden.