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85 women raped, sexually harassed in 6 months in Narayanganj

  • Published at 09:23 pm July 17th, 2019

Among them, approximately 50% are children aged 3 to 12

According to media reports in the last six months, 85 women and children were sexually assaulted. 63 women and children were raped and sexually harassed, nine gang-raped, three raped and killed, and 10 victims of attempted rape.

Among them, approximately 50% are children aged 3 to 12. It gets more frustrating as only a handful of these criminals face penalties and most of them walk free.

According to the Narayanganj Police, 59 rape cases were filed in last six months under which 58 rapists were arrested and 33 of them confessed to their crimes.

Narayanganj Superintendent of Police (SP) Harun-or-Rashid, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Monirul Islam and Abdullah Al Mamun were unreachable for comment. 

The most recent incident is the infamous rape cases of 32 students—third to seventh grader minor girls—who were harassed and raped for years by their teachers. 

On July 4, RAB arrested the Principal of Baitul Huda Cadet Madrasa for sexual harassing 12 madrasa girls, and on June 27, police arrested two teachers of Oxford High School for raping 20 school girls from Shiddhirganj.

Two girls murdered after rape

In Fatullah, police arrested four men for raping and killing a woman on January 17.

In Shiddhirganj, a seven-year-old girl was murdered after being raped on January 18. 

In Rupganj, a 13-year-old girl was impregnated after rape and later was married off to her rapist. 

In Shiddhirganj, a 16-year-old girl was raped and forced into prostitution on July 4. Another 17-year-old girl was raped, impregnated and due to rape and was forced into abortion on July 2.

And these are the stories that get out; we do not actually know the real numbers and intensity of this monstrosity yet.

Speaking to Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, Narayanganj Branch President Laxmi Chakraborty said: "Bangladesh became a country where father rapes his own daughter, teacher rapes students, and lover rapes his beloved. 

"Each day we see same stories of sheer atrocity in a different manner. We recorded at least 42 incidents of rape and sexual assaults from January to April in the Narayanganj district. So I only could imagine what is happening to our women and children across the country."

To stop this kind of heinous crimes we need to install an exemplary punishment system and social awareness. Social reformation is must to end these kind of crimes permanently," she added.

President of the Narayanganj Press Club and Human Rights Commission Adv. Mahbubur Rahman Masum said: "Our society has become a dynamic mechanism of oppression with minimum restraint from the country law.

We need to establish proper jurisdiction that ensures punishment to these crimes in shortest possible time."

He further urged every guardian to be aware and monitor their children's activity.

Narayanganj Social Welfare Officer, Firoz Ahmed said: "We made a team of Upazila Nirbahi officers (UNO) to monitor schools and talk to students to raise awareness against sexual harassment."

Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal Public Prosecutor (PP) Rakibuddin Ahmed said: "Rape are sexual assault cases are treated with highest importance and most of the cases are under proper judicature. According to the Women and Children Repression Prevention act, the highest punishment for rape is life imprisonment and if the victim dies, the rapist gets death penalty.

"Yet we are expressing solidarity with the nationwide urge of ensuring death penalty to rapists. May be the highest amount of penalty can ensure safety to our women and children."