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Report: 164 murders reported in June 2019

  • Published at 01:26 pm June 30th, 2019
Crime scene

Additionally, 301 people died in road accidents and 21 others committed suicide

The National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh (NHRCB) has said, apart from road accidents and cases of suicide, a total of 164 people have been killed—for various reasons—across the country, in June 2019.

The commission shared the findings in a press release on Sunday.

According to the commission, the report was prepared after it gathered data from its field offices located in different districts, sub-districts, and municipalities. 

Additionally, based on reports published in national dailies, the documentation department of NHRCB also conducted investigations with the co-operation of International Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

Mentioning that, on average, five people were killed per day in June, the commission said the situation indicates an extreme deterioration of law and order. 

Expressing grave concern, BHRC said the government’s law enforcement agencies and authorities concerned must play a more effective role in diminishing the rising number of killings.

Of the victims: two were killed over dowry, 19 were killed by domestic violence, 53 were killed in social violence, four were killed for political reasons, 29 were killed by law enforcement agencies, three were killed by the Indian Border Security Force, six were killed due to negligence by physicians, seven were killed following abductions, five were assassinated, 33 were killed by unknown means, five were killed following rape. 

Moreover, 301 people were killed in road accidents, nationwide, while 21 others committed suicide. 

Additionally, 84 women were raped, 13 were sexually harassed, four were tortured over their dowry, one injured in acid violence, and two journalists were tortured in June.