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‘Pir’ and his mob threatens villagers for refusing to postpone Eid

  • Published at 09:33 pm June 9th, 2019
Bogra map
Map of Bogra Dhaka Tribune

A "pir" and his followers have allegedly threatened villagers in Bogra for protesting his decision to celebrate Eid one day late

In Bogra’s Partekhur village, a "pir" and his mob have allegedly threatened villagers for opposing their decision of celebrating Eid on June 6, Thursday, whereas the actual Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated the day before.

Shah Sufi Hazrat Maolana Dr Md Abdul Mannan Pir Kebla, assistant professor of Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College (SZMC) and his mob had been patrolling the village since the morning of June 1, said several villagers, adding that the mob also allegedly threatened and humiliated the imam of the mosque who opposed them.

When contacted, the "pir" Dr Md Abdul Mannan did not receive his phone.

Shahidul Islam, member of Ward 9 in Ashekpur Union, told Dhaka Tribune that Dr Abdul Mannan claims to be "pir" through his paternal bloodline. 

For a long time, Mannan had been working as an imam in Partekhur's Eidgah. When the government announced Eid on June 6, he refused to lead the Eid prayers and sent one Maulana Ahamed Ali Moon instead.

Unable to see the Eid moon with his own eyes, the "pir" commanded his followers to fast on June 5, Wednesday. More than 300 followers of the "pir" attended the Eid prayer on June 6 in defiance of the government announcement. However, no one protested in that matter due to religious sensitivity.

On the other hand, Khatib Maulana Abdur Rashid of Parthekhur Maddhapara Mosque announced Eid on June 5 according to the government decision, which upset "pir" Abdul Mannan and his followers. 

With more than 50 followers in cars and motorbikes, he raided the village and abducted the imam to a local mosque. Mannan attempted to coax an apology out of the imam by forcing him to pull his ears, but Abdur Rashid’s family rescued him in time.

Ward Member Shahidul Islam claimed the "pir" and his mob threatened him as well for aiding in the Eid celebration on June 5.

The villagers are afraid of things escalating due to the “pir’s” temperament.