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BJMC settles arrears of jute mill workers, excludes officials

  • Published at 10:04 pm May 30th, 2019
WEB_Bengal Jute mill_ Syed Zakir Hossain
Bengal Jute mill in Savar Syed Zakir Hossain/Dhaka Tribune

The Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation (BJMC) sent Tk44,10,75,000 through pay orders to the business accounts of the jute mills on Wednesday

The government allocated funds to the nine state-owned jute mills in Khulna and Jessore only included the arrears and Eid bonuses of its workers and employees but not its officials.

The Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation (BJMC) sent Tk44,10,75,000 through pay orders to the business accounts of the jute mills on Wednesday.

The funds were to be transferred to personal accounts of the workers and employees by Thursday.

However, as the allocated funds did not include salary payments of the jute mill officials, they stopped working for four hours, and delayed the settlement payments.

Following this, jute mill workers and employees protested by surrounding the BJMC Zonal Office on Thursday.

Later in the day, the officials empathizing with fellow workers and employees ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, settled their arrears and Eid bonuses but decided to continue work abstention until their dues are paid.  

Md Khalilur Rahman, joint secretary of Jute Mill CBA and Non CBA Unity Council (JMCNUC), said the officials have gone on strike as no salary or bonuses have been allocated for them. As a result, wages and bonuses of jute mill workers were delayed even after the allocation.

According to BJMC sources, around Tk169.14 crore was allocated to pay the arrears of wages and Eid bonuses to the workers of 26 state-owned jute mills in Bangladesh by the Finance Division, Ministry of Finance on Monday.

Jute Mill Industrial Officer Association General Secretary Kalam Hossain said BJMC sought Tk232.9 crore from the government for arrears, salaries, and bonuses—until June—of the workers, officials, and employees of 26 jute mills.

He said: “The ministry officials excluded the owed salaries and bonuses for the mill officials and paid the rest, which is why they are protesting as they did not receive any money before Eid.”

The money has been allocated as follows: over Tk9.81 crore for Khalishpur’s Platinum Jute Mill, over Tk11.91crore for Crescent Jute Mill, over Tk1.26 crore for Khalishpur Jute Mill, Tk55lakh for Daulatpur Jute Mill, Tk7.61 crore for Digholiya’s Star Jute Mill, Tk2.64 crore for Alim Jute Mill, over Tk1.44 crore for Eastern Jute Mill, over Tk1.57 crore for Nawapara industrial area’s Carpeting Jute Mill, and over Tk4.78 crore for JJI Jute Mill.