• Saturday, Nov 23, 2019
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Padma Bridge’s 11th span installed

  • Published at 03:07 pm May 25th, 2019
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File photo of under-construction Padma Bridge. This photo was taken on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at Jazira point of Padma Bridge Dhaka Tribune

Two other temporary spans have also been set up

The 11th permanent span of the Padma Bridge has been installed on pillars 14 and 15.

This was completed around 10:30 am on Saturday. 

Deputy Assistant Engineer of the Padma Bridge Project Humayun Kabir confirmed the matter to Dhaka Tribune.

The installation was deferred, on Saturday, after a delay on Friday. 

Authorities provided several reasons for the delay: strong tides, unpreparedness, low lighting, etc.

According to Humayun, the span was ferried out, late, from the Mawa Construction Yard due to strong tides. The delay consumed a lot of time, leaving very little daylight in which to carry out the installation, he said.

However, Project Manager Dewan Abdul Kader said the lifting hangar was not ready, hence the delay.

Both officials confirmed that Span 3B would be installed on Saturday morning.

Though Span 3B is the 11th permanent span, two other temporary spans have been set up, taking the total progress to 1,800 meters. 

With the installation of the 11th permanent span, 1,950 meters of the bridge will have been completed. 

Nine of the spans have been installed at the Jazira end, two spans at the Mawa end, and one in the middle of the superstructure.

Each 150-meter-long span is installed by a 3,600 tonne floating crane. 

Two types of spans will be installed on the bridge, 41 steel spans on the 42 pillars, and seven railway spans on each of the two viaducts on both sides of the river. The Jazira end of the bridge will have 234 Super T girders and the Mawa end will have 204 Super T girders – and both girders will support 83 roadway spans.

So far, only one railway girder has been installed and none of the Super T girders have been installed.