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Workers besiege 2 jute mills in Jessore for arrears

  • Published at 02:39 pm May 23rd, 2019
Workers of a jute mill in Jessore protest demanding two weeks'-worth of payment on Thursday, May 23, 2019 Dhaka Tribune

The workers locked up the mills' office in demand of their two weeks'-worth of payment

Workers of two jute mills in Jessore have blockaded their respective offices, in protest of not receiving two weeks'-worth of payment.

The two jute mills are Jessore Jute Industries Limited (JJIL) and Carpeting Jute Mill (CJM).

The workers said—at a conference held in the Deputy Commissioner's office on May 21—the officers promised to clear two weeks'-worth of payments within two days. So, they marched to the offices on Thursday, where officers refused to pay them.

Labour Union Treasurer of JJIL, Israil Sarder said: "We have blockaded the offices, including the Deputy General Manager's (DGM) office, as they have failed to keep their promise.

"We have not been paid for 16 weeks and today [Thursday] they were supposed pay us for just two weeks."

DGM of JJIL, Abul Kalam Azad said: "Around 2,300 workers work at our mill. It will take around Tk52 lakh to provide one week's-worth of payment. 

"Officerin-Charge of Abhaynagar police station spoke with us regarding the protest around 11am today."

CBA Secretary of the CJM, Nazrul Farazi said: "There are 450 of us, workers who work here, and we started the protest at around 10am today."

DGM of CJM, Chandrakant Bairagi said: "Tk24 lakh is needed to clear the workers' two weeks' payment. We have already informed the head office, they will let us know the decision when they sit for a meeting."