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Puffed rice production in Habiganj boost during Ramadan

  • Published at 12:58 am May 19th, 2019
Puffed  rice-Habiganj-Dhaka Tribune
Puffed rice (Muri) being produced in a factory in Habiganj Dhaka Tribune

Workers are working day and night to meet the demand

Local businesses at the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) industrial area of Habiganj are nowgoing through a busy time producing "Muri" (puffed rice) at a commercial scale to meet the increasing demand during the month of Ramadan.

Muri is the most common iftar item in Bangladesh during this month. People who fast like to eat chemical-free Muri at iftar; especially with sweets, chillies, and even some other iftar items. The demand for puffed rice increases during Ramadan every year. 

For meeting the increased demands countless workers from several factories are working day and night in the district.

The produced puffed rice not only satisfies the needs of people of the district but it is also supplied to other regions.

A Muri producer from a factory in BSCIC Industrial Area, Shafiq Mia said: "I am working in this factory for 12 years. Every year during Ramadan we work hard to manage the rising demands. Quality puffed rice from this district attracts many customers."

Manager of Al-Amin Muri Factory, Dipak Dash said: "Puffed rice produced from our factory is free from harmful chemicals and is unadulterated. That makes it the best in the market and high in demand."

Muri trader from Al-Madina Factory, Kajal Das said: "The demand of puffed rice is so high this year, customers come in and buy sacks of puffed rice even before we finish packaging."

Manager of the same factory said Habiganj’s puffed rice is famous all over the country. Customers from near and far purchase sacks of puffed rice from here.

Assistant General Manager of Habiganj BSCIC Industrial Estate, Md Nurul Afsar said: "We are monitoring the whole production process in the BSCIC industrial area. If we see any adulteration in the process we take immediate action to prevent it."

"With the co-operation from Consumer Rights Protection Department and mobile courts, we ensure highest quality product," he added.