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Muggers on prowl in Chittagong city ahead of Eid

  • Published at 10:55 am May 10th, 2019
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The railway, bus stations, and commercial areas in the port city are considered as the safe havens of muggers

With the increase of Eid shoppers at various shopping malls and banks, muggers and robbers have become active in the port city of Chittagong, creating a sense of insecurity among city residents.

A large number of expatriate Chittagonians, particularly in middle-eastern countries, remit huge amounts of money to their families ahead of Ramadan and Eid.

The railway, bus stations, and commercial areas in the port city are considered as the safe havens of muggers.

On Thursday, Kotwali police arrested three muggers and recovered three knives from their possession.

During primary interrogation, the arrested snatchers identified as Md Nasir, 40, Md Alauddin, 32, and Md Emon, 18 confessed that they target Eid shoppers.

According to information provided by Kotwali police station, a total of 19 muggers, including five women snatchers, were arrested between March 18 and May 9 this year.

Mugging incidents go unreported in most cases victims do not go to police stations simply to avoid the hassle.    

Police said that muggers and robbers come out of jail on bail after a few days of their arrest and engage in crimes again.

In most cases they prefer using CNG-run auto-rickshaws and motorcycles to make quick getaways from the crime scene.  

In conversation with the Dhaka Tribune, Osman Mohammed Jahangir, an official of Chittagong Odhikar, a human rights organization, said people rarely go to law enforcement to complain about mugging incidents.

"Police should arrest criminals for mugging and robbery. This will definitely help restore the people’s confidence" he said.

Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) Additional Commissioner, Amena Begum, told Dhaka Tribune they have already beefed up patrolling and vigilance in the city to check crime, particularly during Ramadan and Eid.

"As you know, we have already taken initiatives to bring the entire port city under CCTV surveillance. We are conducting drives to arrest muggers and robbers on a regular basis. Recently, we arrested some 50 muggers. We have also requested people to seek police help when carrying a lot of cash," said the Additional Commissioner.  

The mugging-prone spots of the port city are: New Market, Reazuddin Bazar, Kotowali, Anderkilla, Kata Pahar, Jamalkhan, Kazir Dewri, MM Ali Road, Chatteshwari Road, Ashkar Dighirpar, Tiger Pass intersection, Dewan Hat, Agrabad, Colonel Hat, Chawkbazar, Gani Bakery square, Golpahar, Muradpur, Bahaddarhat, Oxygen intersection, No-2 Gate, GEC Circle and Shah Amanat Bridge circle.