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Ramadan begins Tuesday

  • Published at 07:52 pm May 6th, 2019
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Government has set office hours during Ramadan from 9am to 3:30pm

The holy month of Ramadan, a time of restraint and austerity, will began in Bangladesh on Tuesday.

The National Moon Sighting Committee took the decision in a meeting on Monday after reviewing reports on moon sighting.

Committee’s President and Religious Affairs State Minister Sheikh Md Abdullah said the moon was sighted at 54 districts.

Residents of Dhaka will have “Sehri” between 3:52am Tuesday and break their fast around 6:34pm, according to the schedule published by the Islamic Foundation.

Ramadan, the lunar month of self-purification through fasting and abstinence, is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is a time when Muslims around the world focus on prayers, fasting from dawn to dusk, giving to charity and religious devotion.

The month revered in Islam and marked by intense prayers began a day earlier in Saudi Arabia, other Middle-Eastern countries and the United States for the Islamic year of 1437 AH.

Tarabih, extra prayers for the revered month, will follow Isha prayers on Monday night.

The government has set office hours during the month of Ramadan from 9am to 3:30pm for all government, semi-government, autonomous, semi-autonomous institutions.

There will be a 15-minute prayer break from 1:15pm to 1:30pm during Ramadan.