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Students, teachers suffer as schools in Bandarban wait to be nationalized

  • Published at 01:58 pm March 28th, 2019
Students in their classroom at a primary school in Lama upazila of Bandarban Dhaka Tribune

A total of 11 schools in the district are yet to be nationalized  

Students and teachers—of multiple schools in Bandarban—are suffering as the schools have not been nationalized and are being deprived of all government-provided facilities.

In order to improve the standard of education, the demand to nationalize the district's private primary schools, as soon as possible, has been raised by local teachers and students.

Most of the country's primary schools have been nationalized, but a total 11 schools in Bandarban are yet to be brought under the government's umbrella. These schools continue to suffer from the lack of an adequate water and electricity supply, plus proper sanitation.

Adding to the list of suffering, too many students have to share a bench and the students who come from very poor families are not receiving their stipends; potentially ending their academic lives.

The non-governmental primary schools currently operating in Bandarban are: Khammangkhengwa, Empu Para, Mashbania, Hebron Para, Ganguru Aga Para, Nunarjhiri, Mrenja, Dhuilla Para, Shailashakti, Jamkhola, and Community Centre Primary School. 

Md Abul Kalam, a third-grader from the Dhullia Para Primary School of Lama upazila said: "Too many of us have to sit on one bench due to a lack space and school furniture. We cannot study properly in these conditions."

Echoing this, Jannatul Mawa, a fourth-grader of the same school said: "We do not get any money from the government. 

"I cannot continue my studies without the government provided stipend as my parents are too poor to be able to afford my education expenses."

According to the teachers of these schools, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had announced that every school of the country will be run by the government with government-provided facilities in 2012; and the teachers want this to implemented without further delay.

When contacted, Lal Ram Noam Bom, headmaster of Hebron Para Primary School said: "We are continuing our school activities without getting paid. 

"We are working every day while enduring great suffering. We hope that the government takes quick initiatives to nationalize all the existing private primary schools. 

Addressing the proceedings Bandarban District Primary Education Officer Md Tabinur Rahman said: "Till now many schools have been nationalized in Bandarban. There are some schools that have yet to been nationalized. These schools will soon become government-operated.

Local teachers and students—along with the parents of students—have urged the government to nationalize these privately-run primary schools so that the student drop-out rate there decreases and the schools receive more facilities to ensure a better education.