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A Tk10,000 only contract took out a conservation leader in Bangladesh

  • Published at 11:06 pm March 27th, 2019
Azad Azad Miah Sunamganj
Police pull in a person named Srabon in connection with the murder of haor conservation movements leader Azad Miah in Sunamganj, on Tuesday Dhaka Tribune

Md Barkatullah Khan, superintendent of police, made public the details of the murder

Azad Miah, a popular and local leader for his haor conservation movements, was murdered on March 14 in Sunamganj town.

His murder cost only Tk10,000 to sanction,the police revealed on Wednesday to the press, following investigations.

Md Barkatullah Khan, superintendent of police, made public the details of the murder.

Ukil Miah, an influential local who butted heads with Azad on several occasions, had been accused of the murder and was arrested by the police for questioning. Police followed up on the leads and tracked down the person who struck the killing blow, a thug named Srabon who was arrested on Tuesday, with plenty of evidence linking him to the crime.

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Srabon did not know who Azad was. He had no knowledge of Azad’s cause or beliefs. He first saw Azad when Ukil’s son Pavel, and his friend Ripon, pointed out the conservation leader to Srabon on the day of the murder.

He had been looking for an opportunity to take out Azad all day. While the day did not provide any such opportunities, the cover of night provided that fatal chance.

Azad was ambushed by a group led by Srabon.

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Clad in a dark hoodie, Srabon swung a two foot long metal pipe at Azad’s head, splattering blood on his clothes and the weapon, all of which the police found at Srabon’s home.

SP Barkatullah praised Additional Superintendent of Police Mizanur Rahman and Sunamganj sadar police station Officer-in-Charge, Md Shahidullah, for their swift investigation and tracking down the murderers.

The police officer said Srabon not only confessed to the crime but also offered up names which were not revealed due to the ongoing investigation.