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Saltwater crocodile caught from Payra river dies

  • Published at 08:02 pm March 3rd, 2019
This crocodile was captured by locals on March 2 near the Payra river in the Burirchar union of Barguna Dhaka Tribune

The reptile weighed around 20 kilograms

A saltwater crocodile that was caught from the Payra river in Barguna has died due to breathing complications.

The 20-kilogram reptile’s autopsy was completed Sunday around 11am, confirmed Barguna sadar upazila Animal Resource Officer, Dr Benazir Ahmed.

He said: “We think the animal died of breathing complications. But to be completely sure, we will send its internal organs to our Central Disease Investigation Laboratory in Dhaka. They will be able to determine the exact cause of death.”

The crocodile was captured by locals on March 2 near the Payra river in the Burirchar union of the upazila.

By the time the animal resource officer went to rescue the reptile, it was already dead. They brought back the body.

Locals said, after spotting the crocodile, 10-12 people captured it with a net and tied it up with a rope, keeping it in a nearby pond.

Bellal Mridha, a local, said: “The animal may have been hurt while we were transporting it to the pond. It was entirely unintentional.”

Barguna Govt Mohila College Assistant Professor, Khaleda Jannati, said: “The captured crocodile was of a saltwater variety. These reptiles usually do not come into localities. It is possible the animal lost its way during a storm and came here.”

She said the saltwater crocodile may have died when the locals captured it, as they did not know how to properly handle such a creature.

Barguna Forest Department Range Officer Motiur Rahman said: “We heard the crocodile was captured alive. When we went to rescue it, we saw that it was dead.

We will preserve the skin of the reptile; we have already buried the flesh.”

He mentioned the department will take appropriate legal action regarding the matter if necessary.