• Sunday, Nov 17, 2019
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Storm kills 6,000 birds in eco park

  • Published at 07:15 pm February 27th, 2019
The carcasses of dead birds carpeted nearly 50 acres of an eco park in Narail following several days of heavy rain and storm | Dhaka Tribune

Nearly 50,000 birds make the eco park their home all year round

Around 6,000 domestic and migrating birds were found dead after several days of thunderstorm.

On Wednesday morning, the staff at Arunima Eco Park in Narail found the carcasses of thousands of bird over their 50 acres of land and waterbodies.

Senior Assistant Manager Manib Khondoker told the Dhaka Tribune that nearly 50,000 birds make the eco park their home all year round.

He said: “The cacophony of the birds on Tuesday night sometimes drowned out the noise of thunder during the storm. We were concerned, but could not do anything because of the storm. The next morning, we found that our grounds were covered with dead birds.”

The manager said that the storm also uprooted several trees and tore down two cottages in the park.