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Thakurgaon court premises turns into vehicle graveyard

  • Published at 11:32 am January 17th, 2019
web-0Thakurgaon court premises turns into vehicle graveyard
Seized motorcycles are kept under open sky in Thakurgaon court and deputy commissioner’s office premises Dhaka Tribune

Seized trucks, mini-trucks, tractors and motorcycles worth around Tk5 crore rusting away

Hundreds of vehicles are slowly rusting away under the open sky, on the Thakurgaon court and deputy commissioner’s office premises, after being seized by law enforcers for law violations.

According to court police and lawyers, these trucks, mini-trucks, tractors and motorcycles are worth around Tk5 crore.

More than 200 motor cycles have been left out in the open in the court and the Thakurgaon sadar police station yards. Most of them are damaged almost beyond repairs for being exposed to extreme weather conditions and lack of regular maintenance.

Speaking on the issue, court Sub-Inspector Ahmadullah said: “Most of these motorcycles were seized by police Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) personnel.

“These were used for smuggling, especially to transport a banned drug phensedyl. Cases filed against owners of these motorcycles have been going on for almost a decade. These motorbikes will remain here unless these cases are resolved.”

Ahmadullah added that the court will decide the fate of these vehicles and bikes.

Seized cars in Thakurgaon court and deputy commissioner’s office premises |Dhaka Tribune

The sub-inspector continued: “Many seized motorbikes are kept at police stations across Thakurgaon. Judicial magistrates will put vehicles without owners on auction after a deadline, and the price will be set by a committee.”

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) Assistant Director Faruk Ahmed said: “These vehicles are rusting away after suffering years of neglect. If an auction is held, it would earn the government some cash.

“We have contacted authorities concerned several times for taking necessary steps regarding this matter.”

Addressing the matter, district Bar Association President advocate Abdul Halim said: “The sheer number of sized vehicles piling up has been a problem for years. The state is losing money because of it. Steps should be taken to resolve the cases faster.”

Echoing the opinion, former Bar Association president Advocate Tojammel Haque Monju said: “The existing law should be amended for curbing the loss of such public and government properties.”

Additional District Magistrate Shilabrat Karmakar said: “We are aware that vehicles worth crores are on the verge of being damaged beyond repair. However, these vehicles are evidence required for ongoing cases.”

“We are bound by the law, and no immediate action can be taken to resolve this issue.”