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Police: Call 999 to check authenticity of any information

  • Published at 10:06 am December 27th, 2018
Bangladesh Police
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People can call this toll free number anytime from anywhere of the country to verify the authenticity of any news or information

Police have warned the general people not to get confused with rumours published in various platforms, especially on social media.

They have suggested the general people to call 999, the National Emergency Services hotline, for verifying the authenticity of any type of news and information published and circulated by anyone in any given platform.

Bangladesh Police Headquarters media and public relation department in a press release issued on Wednesday said a particular group is engaged in spreading rumours among the common people through various platforms, especially social media.

According to the press release, this particular group is publishing and promoting confusing information, news, posters, leaflets, statements, photos, and videos through various social media platforms, specifically through Facebook. The release also mentioned an attempt taken by the same group to deter the law and order situation by creating and spreading rumours.

Bangladesh police has taken multiple steps to prevent such situation and as part of this initiative they have recommended the common people to take assistance from the National Emergency Services hotline by calling 999 to verify the authenticity of any rumour and information.

In the press release, police have also asked the general people to provide them with information about rumours and fake news so that law and order can be properly maintained.