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Osmani medical doctors successfully reattach severed thumb

  • Published at 10:50 pm September 12th, 2018
Photo of 21-year-old Yasin Ali’s reattached left thumb that was amputated during a skirmish with opponents <strong>Dhaka Tribune</strong>
Photo of reattached thumb Dhaka Tribune

It is first such successful operation outside Dhaka, claims doctor who led the operation

Doctors at Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital claim to have successfully reattached a completely severed thumb.

Dr Md Abdul Mannan, an associate professor of the Plastic Surgery Department, said he led the operation on September 9 in which the thumb of Yasin Ali’s left hand was stitched back on. 

Sources say the 21-year-old’s left thumb was amputated during a skirmish with opponents on September 8. 

He was admitted to the Burn and Plastic Surgery Department at Osmani Medical College while his severed digit was preserved in a refrigerator at the victim’s home for 11 hours.

A team led by Mannan operated on Yasin in an eight-hour surgical procedure which started at 11am on September 9. 

The doctor claimed the reattached thumb regained its 100% function within eight hours of the operation.

“It is possible to reattach completely severed fingers if the victim comes for treatment within 6-12 hours,” Mannan told the Dhaka Tribune. 

He said the first successful reattachment of a severed body part had taken place at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital in 1992.

“It is the first time such a feat has been achieved by a hospital outside Dhaka,” Mannan said.

His claim could not be verified independently.