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'My son was not behind the wheel,' says MP after man killed by wife’s car

  • Published at 10:54 pm June 20th, 2018
  • Last updated at 01:14 pm June 21st, 2018
Salim Bepari Collected

'I own five or six cars, but my son was not driving the one that was involved in this accident'

A Barisal man was killed under the wheels of a speeding car owned by the wife of Awami League MP Mohammed Ekramul Karim Chowdhury in Dhaka on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses said Salim Bepari, 50, was crossing the Airport Road in the Banani area of the capital when he was struck by the Audi SUV around 10pm.

According to media reports and unconfirmed social media posts, Noakhali 4 constituency lawmaker Ekramul's son Shabab Chowdhury was driving the car at that time.

He allegedly fled the scene before taking refuge in the NAM Bhaban, on the opposite of the parliament complex on Manik Mia Avenue, where his father has a government-alloted flat.

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The car’s logo and licence plate, with the registration number Dhaka Metro-Gha 13-7655, was found beside the lifeless body of Salim near Setu Bhaban of the Bangladesh Bridge Authority.

Ekramul and his wife, Kamrun Nahar Shiuli, who is also the chairman of Kabirhat upazila in Noakhali, claimed that Shabab was not behind the wheel when the accident took place.

Form left, Shabab Chowdhury, the Audi SUV that was reportedly involved in the accident and the number plate of the car found on the road after Tuesday night’s incident | Photos collected from Facebook

Both said one of their drivers was driving the car, but could not identify the man responsible.

“I own five or six cars, but my son was not driving the one that was involved in this accident,” Ekramul told the Dhaka Tribune. “My enemies have spread false information for political purposes.”

Mentioning that he was currently out of Dhaka, the lawmaker said he would be able to learn and share more details when he returns.

Several eyewitnesses claimed to have followed Shabab to the NAM Bhaban while trying to stop him from fleeing the scene.

They told the media that the MP’s son had threatened them when they confronted him, and had them escorted out of the premises by security personnel.