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9 people including 5 Jamaat leaders arrested in connection with missing public prosecutor Rathish's case

  • Published at 10:11 pm April 2nd, 2018
  • Last updated at 10:13 pm April 2nd, 2018
9 people including 5 Jamaat leaders arrested in connection with missing public prosecutor Rathish's case
Police have arrested nine people, including five Jamaat-e-Islami leaders and activists, suspecting their involvement in the disappearance of Rangpur Special Court's Public Prosecutor Rathish Chandra Bhowmik. The arrests were made following police raids in several areas on Monday. Rathish, who represented the state in the Hoshi Kunio murder case, went missing four days ago after he left his home in Rangpur on Friday morning. The police have discovered three clues and are basing their investigation on them. A reliable police source informed that Rathish has not been kidnapped, but has chosen to remain hidden. The police are focusing their investigation on his personal, ancestral and debutter property to see if connections exist to the extremists. Detectives are trying to figure out why both his mobile phones were switched off since 10pm Thursday night, the night before he allegedly left home with a man wearing a panjabi on a red motorcycle. Rathish's wife Dipa Bhowmik and the banana seller in front of their house were the only witnesses and they failed to confirm whether he in fact left with the man with the motorcycle.
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After examining the CCTV surveillance tape of that area, police were unable to figure out which road Rathish took after he left home. The IT department of the police informed that Rathish had met a man the night before his disappearance regarding a case. Meanwhile, around 35 people have been brought in for interrogation, some questioned multiple times, sources at Kotwali station notified. Additionally, several lawyer associates and visitors of Rathish's chamber have been interrogated. The places he used to frequent within the city and his call records over the past two months are also being looked into by the police. Police have interrogated Rathish's family members several times, and multiple detective agencies, over the past few days regarding an issue that the police have declined to reveal. The police suspect three causes for the disappearance. Firstly, Rathish was a crucial witness to the trial of Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami leader ATM Azharul Islam, who was sentenced to death by a special tribunal for committing crimes against humanity; secondly, whether Mahiganj Dimla area residents who were tied to his debutter property conflict have any ties to his disappearance or not; and, finally, whether personal and family issues are the cause. Rangpur Police Superintendent Mizanur Rahman told reporters that nine people, including five Jamaat leaders have been arrested and are being interrogated. Rangpur Lawyer Community, Lawyer Assistant Community locals and various other institutions have staged protests and formed human chains today demanding his rescue.