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Watch: The inhumanity called mob justice

  • Published at 10:26 pm March 4th, 2018
  • Last updated at 10:27 pm March 4th, 2018

A man was inhumanely beaten on Friday for allegedly pickpocketing in Naogaon’s Patnitala. Thirty five-year-old Shafiqul Islam was hung upside down and beaten by a few men in front of Akbarpur union parishad premises. He is a resident of Shibpur Surhatri village of Naogaon’s Matindar union. A video of the incident, which was posted by Adnan Rahman on Friday, has gone viral on Facebook. The Facebook user captioned the post: "A pickpocketer was inhumanely beaten in front of Akbarpur union parishad in Naogaon’s Patnitala. To beat someone so inhumanely instead of handing him over to the police, cannot be justified in anyway.”
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The video created a wave of criticism on social media and in the district which eventually led to the arrest of the main accused Nurunnabi on Sunday. The arrestee is a resident of Bhagbanpur in Akbarpur. He is an entrepreneur at the Information Service Centre in Akbarpur union parishad. The video reveals a man tying up Shafiqul’s legs and then he is being hung upside down from a bamboo. Meanwhile, Nurunnabi can be seen beating Shafiqul brutally with a stick, without stopping. At one point, Shafiqul can be seen pleading to Nurunnabi for mercy to no avail. Patnitala police station Officer-in-Charge Mazaharul Islam confirmed the matter and said: “Shafiqul pickpocketed at the Madheil Haat on Friday. When caught, he was beaten up by a mob and later, let go. However, he was again caught, hung upside down and inhumanely beaten in front of Akbarpur union parishad.” After watching the video, Nurunnabi was indentified and arrested by police on Sunday afternoon. Nurunnabi told the police that Shafiqul Islam was later rescued in the afternoon.