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Running to expedite the hanging of rape convicts

  • Published at 05:41 pm March 1st, 2018
Running to expedite the hanging of rape convicts
Tangail resident Mirza Shahjahan is running around the High Court area to expedite the execution of four convicted of gang-raping and murdering a girl called Rupa on a bus in Madhupur in the district. Wearing a placard emblazoned with his demand, the 65-year-old started his run in front of the National Press Club on Wednesday afternoon and ran around the High Court area for around an hour. Previously, he ran around Tangail every Wednesday in order to garner public favour to influence the judiciary body dealing with Rupa’s case to sentence the culprits to death. Back then, he declared that once the sentence was made, he would begin running again to expedite the process.
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In line with this, Shahjahan came to Dhaka on Tuesday and ran on Wednesday. He said that he will be running around the High Court area twice a month until the sentence is carried out. Mirza Shahjahan said: “After seeing the news of the tragedy on Facebook, I was devastated. Later, I decided that I would run to raise awareness about the matter, influencing the people to join the drive to punish these criminals to the fullest extent of the law,” “I began my 10km runs at 10am every Wednesday outside Tangail District Judge Court premises. After the court sentenced them to death on February 12, I have begun running around the High Court premises,” he added. Mirza Shahjahan is famous in Tangail for his protest runs, with people staring in awe at such an aged man running with so much stamina. He usually goes around town either running or riding a bicycle. The locals are supportive of him. Shahjahan is the son of the deceased Mirza Hanif Uddin of Tangail’s Basail upazila. He currently lives in the Thanapara area of Tangail town.