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When the grassroots want posers out of Awami League

  • Published at 08:14 pm February 22nd, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:06 pm February 22nd, 2018
When the grassroots want posers out of Awami League
More posters demanding opportunistic people be kicked out of Awami League has sprung up. On Sunday it was in Dhanmondi, and on Thursday, the trend has appeared in Tangail. The “kauwa” reference-laced poster has taken over walls in Bhuapur upazila in Tangail. The posters were put up by parties claiming to be grassroots level Awami League in Tangail. They have given rise to debate among the general population of Tangail. Such posters were put up on the walls of various schools and colleges as well. They featured captions such as “Kauwa mukto Tangail zila Awami League chai” adorned with a picture of a crow. Students of Ibrahim Khan Government College said they first saw the posters while going to school on Thursday morning. These posters were spotted all over town.
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The first billboard was spotted on February 18 morning at the intersection of Sat Masjid Road and Dhanmondi Road 27 in Dhaka. The ad saying “Kauwa mukto Mohammadpur Thana Awami League chai” was put up by unknown, but certainly resourceful parties. Advocate Zahirul Islam, Awami League general secretary of Tangail said that they will look into the matter and take action according to party decision. The reference to “kauwa” or crow comes from a remark Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader made in March 2017. Fed up with opportunists exploiting Awami League and signing up with the party, Obaidul exclaimed: “These kauwas infiltrating Awami League have to go.”
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He indicated the many organizations which appear to be affiliated with Awami League, when they are not. It is worth noting that using a cuckoo might be more appropriate for the purpose of this metaphor than a crow.